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Detox your body with the Hiromi Slimming Koso 300 drink, which is formulated with a potent formulation that detoxes the body. It is fermented for over 1000 days, using over 300 types of herbs, fruits, and vegetables to create a 100% natural, high-quality enzyme concentrate that is rich in nutrients and amino acids for cleansing and detoxification.


The enzyme supplement contains chitosan, which has been proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and candlebush, which contains polyphenols and dietary fibre among other properties that give your digestive system the boost it needs. 

Diet using enzymes are recommended to stay healthy & refreshing!


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  • Safe Dietary Supplement 
    Enzymes that are closely associated with effective weight loss management. 

    Rich In Probiotics And Prebiotics 
    Increase the body's ability to absorb nutrients, breakdown proteins, fats and carbs. 

    Cleanse And Detox
    Helps to bring your weight to a healthy level while absorbing only what the body needs. 

    Helps in Detox Diet Support that contains Laxative Sennoside, which is also used in Medicine that Increased Intestinal Peristalsis.

    Helps in Detox Diet Support whereby it Absorbs Excess Lipids, Sugars, and Harmful Substances, and Excreted as Feces.

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