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Fall asleep quickly and effortlessly with the aid of the Sleep & Relax Koso 300. The drink is a 100% natural, high-quality enzyme concentrate that is rich in nutrients and amino acids. It is fermented for over 1000 days, using over 300 types of herbs, fruits, and vegetables that promote relaxation.


One of these is L-Theanine, a natural compound mostly found in green and black tea, and which has been scientifically proven to have neuroprotective effects. Another main ingredient is GABA, a naturally-occurring amino acid which decreases activity in the nervous system and helps your mind to relax and enhance sleep quality.


Diet using enzymes are recommended to stay healthy & refreshing!


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  • Promote Relaxation 
    Contains L-Theanine, a natural compound found in green and black tea proven to have neuroprotective effect.

    Diminishes Activity In Nervous System 
    Contains GABA, a naturally occurring amino acid that helps the mind to relax.

    Improves Sleep And Immunity 
    Improves gut health, as it is strongly linked with sleep patterns, and associated with obstructive sleep apnoea.

    Helps induce Relaxing Effect and Improves Sleep Quality, and Enhances Concentration.

    Helps Improves Sleep Quality and Enhances Sleep Satisfaction, and has Inhibitory Effect on Nervous System to Perform in Stressful Environment.

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