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since 1830

Hiromi Enzyme

Since its founding, Hiromi has consistently researched and developed products that combine the power of fermentation using natural ingredients with the commitment to deliver excellent health products. 


Whether it is high blood sugar level, high cholesterol, or other problems, they can be due to the state and well-being of a gut health. Having a healthy level of digestive and metabolic enzymes in our digestive system helps us to break-down food nutrients so that our body can easily absorb. 


As we age, our body's production of natural enzymes begins to slow down, causing indigestion, weight gain, and other health issues. Luckily, it is possible to give our body the help it needs with our easy-to-drink enzyme supplements, Slimming Koso 300 and Sleep & Relax Koso 300 products. 


"Koso" means "Enzyme".


Drink Your Way To Optimal Gut Health.

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The Hiromi enzymes are carefully fermented with up to 300 kinds of natural food ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, seaweed, and Okinawa brown sugar. These ingredients are blended and fermented with the Kuratsuki-kobo yeast, which has been living since 1830 and is usually used in sake brewing. 


For over a hundred years, the practice of fermentation has continued, producing the high-quality enzyme products that we drink for our health today.

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