Biocomm is the proud distributor of the bestselling Japanese Hiromi Koso 300 and Chosyoku Koso by Nihon Cehla digestive enzyme drinks for better health and well-being in Singapore.


Home-grown Biocomm, in partnership with Sawada Syuzo and Nihon Cehla, known for their commitment to innovation, quality and reliability in the manufacture of Japanese enzyme products, is proud to be the primary authorised distributor of the Hiromi Koso 300 and Chosyoku Koso by Nihon Cehla range in Singapore. 


A champion of the health and well-being of people and the planet, Biocomm’s global reputation for fully integrated manufacturing solutions using advanced technologies, active ingredients and customised formulations is unparalleled. With the efficacy of the Hiromi Slimming Koso 300, Sleep & Relax Koso 300 and Chosyoku Koso by Nihon Cehla digestive enzyme drinks also unrivalled, it is not surprising that the brands are uniting to encourage healthier habits among everyone.


Digestive enzymes impact one’s overall health as they improve gut health, encourage metabolic activity and are closely associated with safer weight loss and skin as well as mental health. 


Developed with Dr Hiromi Shinya, a world-renowned gastroenterologist and an adviser to Maeda Hospital and Hanzomon Gastrointestinal Clinic in Japan, who believes digestive enzymes are key for gut health, the fast-acting Hiromi supplements are produced at Sawada Syuzo in Japan, where “koso” means “enzyme”.


Formulated with the same Sawada enzymes as Chosyoku Koso by Nihon Cehla, Hiromi Slimming Koso 300 and Sleep & Relax Koso 300 are so named for the 300 or more others from herbs, fruits, vegetables and plants –  rich with probiotics and prebiotics and nutrients – that they also contain. These include chitosan, proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and candle bush that boosts the digestive process.